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It doesn’t cost 0,000 to find out about teenagers’ dating drama,” said Douglas Kellogg, communications manager for the National Taxpayers Union.

“With a growing trillion debt, government should be worrying about its own size.”For spending hundreds of thousands of tax dollars to study the differences between overweight and skinny girls’ love lives and their romantic prospects, NIH wins this week’s Golden Hammer, a weekly distinction awarded by The Washington Times highlighting examples of wasteful federal spending.“It boggles the mind that the federal government studied the dating behavior of overweight girls to find out that they get fewer dates,” said Richard Manning, president of Americans for Limited Government, a spending watchdog. ”In a statement to The Times, the NIH defended the grant, saying it fell under the agency’s research mission to address the full spectrum of human health across all populations of Americans.“Research into unhealthy human behaviors that are estimated to be the proximal cause of more than half of the disease burden in the U. will continue to be an important area of research supported by NIH.

Remember the days when you would spend hours talking to your roommate late at night or simply grab your roommate at a moment’s notice to run out for a quick bite to eat? Today, roommates for older adults are not so uncommon.

Across the nation, Baby Boomers are remembering the days of their youth and choosing to live them yet again, with a roommate by their side.

She was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 1994.

In 19, respectively, she received the Boston Music Awards Lifetime Achievement and a Berklee College of Music Honorary Doctor of Music Degree.

But if you give up your account information, they’ll debit your account and you’ll get nothing in return.

“Obese girls consistently report having fewer dating and sexual experiences, but more sexual risk behaviors (i.e., condom nonuse) once they are sexually active.”Using data from two national studies, researchers will compare the love lives of obese and non-obese girls to determine whether heavier teens “experience a delay in the development of peer and intimate relationship skills compared to non-obese girls,” then compare the characteristics of obese girls’ relationships to those of skinny girls, and see how the differences shape their sexual habits over time.

Having a friend or two to live with will surely help maintain a better quality of life.

While some may choose to live with friends they have known for years, others have moved in with compatible roommates they just met.

The original project, which was first awarded in 2014, has been extended for a second year, with funding budgeted through 2016.

The study is raising eyebrows among taxpayers’ advocates, who say the grant is a ridiculous waste of hardworking Americans’ money by an agency that constantly bemoans a lack of congressional funding for scientific research.“Has the government checked social media lately?

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