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He finally spoke to me last semester and asked me out. Everything we do should point others to Christ because we shouldn’t “conform to the pattern of this world.” This means we’re not afraid to apply a biblical worldview to everything, whether we’re on campus, at work, or at the coffee shop. We should confidently say “no” to activities that are compromising, unwise or contrary to Scripture.

I had passed him numerous times in the hallways of my university over the past three years. Here are three things to try: Live It Out OK, the first way to respond should actually happen before the situation arises. As Christians, you and I should live according to God’s Word and His direction in all aspects of our lives.

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After strong encouragement from the Alabama Sheriffs’ Association and longtime Calhoun County Sheriff Larry Amerson, as well as Monroe County Sheriff Tom Tate and Lee County Sheriff Jay Jones, both of whom served on the ACCA Liability Self-Insurance Fund, Inc., Board of Trustees, a new basic training program for jail officers began in 2015.

Called the Alabama Jail Training Academy, the new effort is not a replacement for the long-standing program offered by APOST, but an alternative for those counties unable to send their jail officers to a two-week long training program.

The target date for the first class is February 2015, with all classes scheduled for the Marriott Hotel and Conference Center in Prattville.

The program will include a total of four classes (each will be two-days in length with only ONE overnight stay for each class).

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