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We, here in the bicol region started to harvest and share our advocacy to plant and guess what, we are now selling bi products of malunggay and it is really a profitable business. and we filipinos will nothing to fear when the price of rice increase...because if we start to plant malunggay now.... MIRACLE SOIL CONDITIONER is capable of retaining soil nutrients in an exchangeable form to be made available to plants as required.

If you want to know more how to change your life through malunggay farming... This high organic carbon compound creates a suitable environment for the microbial properties of the soil.

Naraku is merely the next in a line of reincarnations of this evil, but maybe this time, it can finally get beaten back.

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As for why the theatres did not pick up the movie for the original April 15 weekend release, the representative from Pioneer Films that answer our inquiry said: “There are a lot of competition for the April 15 release date, and for some reason, the theatres chose not to pick for screening.” As for that reason, we believe it’s because 15 April marks the end of the Holy Week in the Philippines making it an ideal day for movie releases.

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The Philippines has enjoyed high economic growth (more than a 5% GDP growth rate).

However, energy-related infrastructure has become more of an issue and electricity generation facilities are being strengthened.

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