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But before we get into I’ve already said it started with the N64 – maybe that part of the show didn’t make the cut but I’ve said it many times. They obviously make the decisions they make because they think it will make them lots of money and usually it does.Nintendo isn’t making decisions to lose money – whatever they decide, be stupid or great – is make to make money.

(Yeah, we’re looking at you Jafar.) While Disney has provided us with ample fairytales and sweeping, romantic gestures, all of those unrealistic expectations aren’t meant for the real world.After an emergency Google, we hungrily lapped up his Twitter feed; a selection of hot topless selfies and LGBT advocacy. Who needs a medal when you could win a prize like Amini? And, Mixxxer, a new app based solely on sex, is vying to take that spot. There’s definitely a gap in the market and we’re trying to fill that gap as best we can. Where another platform's call to action is "find someone," on Mixxxer it's "get laid." Users here are invited to share explicit selfies, belfies, what-have-you, and The Daily Beast reports that more than 100,000 users have signed up in eight weeks' time.We looked at some of the bigger guys like Adult Friend Finder and saw they were having trouble staying relevant in this new mobile landscape, they are kind of big and bulky."Tinder's easy swipe feature seems in some way geared towards casual dating — if not outright casual sex — but Mixxxer minces no words. It's early yet, but certainly one of the hurdles for the platform's future growth will be ensuring privacy on those nudes.

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