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In bib 28, Tarjei Bø of Norway left the range clean and with a 12.5 second deficit to make up. Tsvetkov left the range with an even smaller gap – just 1.6 seconds behind Schempp in the timing.But he couldn’t cover the ground as quickly and ended up second, bumping Bø to third.

24-year-old Tsvetkov, a two-time World Youth and two-time World Junior Champion, earned his first individual podium.

“With such an audience- there are a number of people here who I know, including my parents.

Bluebird sky, no wind on the shooting range, absolutely fair conditions on the course from the first to the last starter, that’s as good as it gets.” A relatively early starter, with bib 16, Schempp endured some scares.

Igor Badamshin enjoying some offseason, on-snow time and ice cream.

Badamshin was the CXC head coach before passing away of a heart attack in January 2014.

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