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I decided to try the speed dating activity because they did have so much fun with it.Last year they got 45 minutes to come to the book fair.I’ll give our media center specialists a little information about my class, and they go to work pulling high-interest books.When we arrive in the library, several books are arranged on tables and students find a table and sit with their guided note page.For the rest of the period, students would browse the stacks in search of a book, find one quickly, and then sit down and chat with their friends until the bell rang.They often didn’t read a word of the book they checked out before they left!As the deadline for their projects approached, some of them returned their original choices to exchange for another book because the one they had was “boring.” Sadly, some students never even completed the assignment because they did not have a book that appealed to them. I first heard about book speed dating on the LM_Net listserv and decided to give it a try.After reading how other media specialists set up their programs, I came up with a plan that works well in my library.

It’s always great to have students think a program is fun, but it’s an added bonus when that program gets books into their hands that they really enjoy and actually finish.We will have several from our library book and writers groups attending, so it will also be a great time to get connected with these groups as well.” Friends of Linebaugh will be providing light refreshments as well as a “blind date” for each participant–a wrapped book to take home and enjoy. By Tricia Coffman, Book Fair Chairperson at Limestone Middle School in Kankakee, IL I have to be honest; I didn’t come up with the idea of speed dating with a book on my own. We tried it back in February with 5-8 graders and they loved it. So when it was time for the Book Fair I was racking my brain trying to think of ways to get 7th and 8th graders motivated to even look at the books on the racks.They absolutely loved were some of the more popular titles among the 7th and 8th grades. As a proponent of choice reading, I am always looking for ways to get books into the hands of my students and have them build their reading list, and what better way to celebrate Valentine’s week than having your students speed date books?

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