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On a down comforter-covered king-size bed, in a Courtyard by Marriott hotel, I got naked for Substantia Jones and the Adipositivity Project. I mean that I took off my clothes,, even the ones underneath.

Child Abuse Squad detective Tiffany Graham explained to the jury that in Pig Latin, 'eshay' would be used for ‘yes’ and ‘ohnay’ for ‘no,’ the reported.

You might be interested in learning about mankind’s recent desire to mix sexual pleasure with, well..

I’ve lost and gained and lost and gained hundreds of pounds. That is fine, because fat is one thing I am, but it is not the That is fine, because this — all of this, you see — is fleeting, erasable.

The alleged gang rape of a teenager was caught on a Go Pro camera, a court has heard.

His little buddies were taking pictures of [the women],” Mathis said. We’re allowed to do this.’ ” The beauties come “clad” in wild outfits such as red, white and blue body paint, thongs and feather headdresses.

I'm here for myself, too; loving this body is a journey, not a destination. Thanks, body, for showing up, even when I treated you like shit. You're AWFULLY cute in them.” I figured she must say that to all of the folks she photographs. I didn't even know I could be more than the sum of my fatty parts.

I'm here, saying, ♦♦♦ Because check it out — my body is fat. In adulthood, I've starved myself, run until I was broken. Fat-photographer code: I didn’t open the attachments right away, because I was sure she was lying. I only knew that since I can recall being aware of my body, I've been aware of the importance of its beauty.

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