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It suggests that our species evolved all across the continent, the scientists involved say. Prof Jean-Jacques Hublin, of the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Liepzig, Germany, told me that the discovery would "rewrite the text books" about our emergence as a species.

"It is not the story of it happening in a rapid way in a 'Garden of Eden' somewhere in Africa.

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Our view is that it was a more gradual development and it involved the whole continent.

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Nothing else.----- This request has been mentioned in the main forums as well. t=6934 ----- And you can see some of the reasons why we are taking these measures in this thread. t=6864 ----- We are very sorry for the inconvenience and delays but we hope that it helps make for a better time for those who use the forums legitimately.----- Thank you very much for your help in this matter.----- If you are unsure of how to add the information or wish to contact me directly about this, please use Zone5email(at)gmail(dot)com ----- Cheers, Motty.Here, we propose that Genghis Khan and his family carried Y-haplogroup R1b-M343, which is prevalent in West Eurasia, rather than the Y-haplogroup C3c-M48, which is prevalent in Asia and which is widely accepted to be present in the family members of Genghis Khan.Additionally, Tavan Tolgoi bodies may have been the product of marriages between the lineage of Genghis Khan’s Borjigin clan and the lineage of either the Ongud or Hongirad clans, indicating that these individuals were members of Genghis Khan’s immediate family or his close relatives.J., aem, aldy88, Alf Ramsey's porn dungeon, amancalledhorse, ambling2, andy mc, andy1999, Angry Keane, antrsuperstar, apintplease, Appassionato, arnoldd99, Arthur Pringle please :), artsmarse, Atackattack, A_ndy, ASHWI, B52, Babajo, barcelona26051999, barnsley_red, Baxter, Beadle_Hands, Ben Thornley, Benno big hat, Benny, bestie51, bfr, Big Jon O, Big Norm, bigfatron, Bill Bryson, Billy the Boozer, Blaizered, blumpkin, Bob George, Bob Jones, bobble99, Bones64, Boomdong, Booty, Born Red74, Bosley, Bouncy Cheetah, bradders60, briandougan69, Bubbles, buckers, Bulletproof, bumbaclart, buxmufc, Calculon, Calypso, cantona1995, cantona7, CAPTAIN SENSIBLE, Cardiff Red, carlo sartori, Cathy Ferguson, Caught On, CB-1878, Celio Silva, chaddders, Charlie B, Chavez, chopper, cj_lad, class of 68, cleopic, cliff ground, Coppelli, Cowpie1975, Creative Thieves, CRT07, D4m14n L, Dag, Dak Goodvibes, Damian, Dangerous Dave, Darkman, David De Gea, dawg, dazhughes, Dean, deetee, denis the king, denisirwinsbarmyarmy, denislaw1963, denzy, Dermbet, detinu3, Dimz89, dingin dangin bangin, Dirty Thoughts - Anal Warts, discotheku, Djacko179, Djemberson, dn8red, donald_bumsfelt, donjuan, Dopolopodous, Down By The Riverside, Dr Feeley Good, dreamjeans, Dripping Dirtbox, Dr Leo Spaceman, drummerboy70, Dubstar, Duck.Mufc, duffman, Eastmancred, ecko, Edwin, El Beatle90, elvisjesus1, emlynsqueakyvoice, emster, erics collar, Erics Collar, erictheking66, Eric The Red9297, evo, FAC.63, Fade, Failsworth Red, fatnacks, fear of music, fenny, fergieout89, fergieschewy, First Of The Gang To Die, Flixtoon, Flowers of Manchester, Foreveragooner, forlanisagod, Forrest, fozzie85, Fruit Machine, Fuck off Leeds scum, gary1963, gary70, gaz davies, GAZ16, Gaz Dawg, George Wickstaff, Giggsyrightpeg, Give a dog a bone, Glamorama, gloryhunter, GMC, gods mate dave, Gripper Burke, Gromit, Growler, gspaddock, guerreiro, guevara1, halley, handsomebastard, Happy Tom, hescoresgoals, Hex Enduction Hour, Hodge, HU, hughsie, i003105, Iain-Le-Roi, inky, Ipredictafryup, Irwell the biscuit, Is a Big Dutch Man, Istari, J Stander, J-Stand, Jaguar Paw, japseye, Jason King, jb85, JC16, JD81, jellyfish2007, Jethro, JG79, jisung_legend, Jizzlobber, JJA1968, john c, Johnny Boy Civello, Johnny Yen, Johnred, Jokerman, jose_mourinho, jov86, jpo, J_K, kandred, kcass, kcd62, kcrane, keesey, keff merchant, Keith02, kennersuk, kevin webster, Keyser Scholze, kflynn, kipmaster11, kpughmu, krom310, kstand5, Kstand Kr3w, Kuff_dam, kyler, lampoil, ledieu, Legends wear 7, lembit1, lemonfrume, Leviathan, lewisboy, LH_88, lh_red86, liamb123, little_jacob, Lodge III, loopy, loveunited8glazier, Lucky Man, m33red, Macari10, machiiiiine, Madcap, mancgirlie, Manchester Is Red, mancunian way, mancunian68, Mandolin Wind, manman, mantrucks, marksummy, Marlboro, Mart, martyh, Mattbo89, matt_the_devil, mb2807, mcbain, Mc Nulty, Mercurial Mancunian, mickyj, mikew, Minimal Contact, MMMGGG, Modena, Mon Dieu, monkeybollocks, monkeymonkey, Morrissey Fan, Mr Chubb, mr mcclair, Mr Terry Tibbs, Mr whiteside, MTB7, mucker, MUFC.

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