Chatrolette dating site for blind people

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The rest of the time I was saving up for a new computer, a Webcam and other accessories.SPIEGEL ONLINE: How did you come up with the idea for My friends and I used to video chat over Skype quite often, but that got boring after a while.Not everyone made it to the end of the ride — caught in moments of indecision, some players killed the video's star, allowing him to be overcome by zombies in front of jammed doors and caught between groups.Those who did make it to the end got a special treat: the chance to use some heavy weaponry on a seriously impressive foe.


So I searched Google for a video chat program that operated in a more random way. So I sat down and wrote software for two days and two nights. SPIEGEL ONLINE: Did you expect this level of interest?

After all, CNN has broadcast a piece about you and the New York Times has written about you.

And you really only created the site for yourself and your friends. But then other people found their way to your site -- first they came in the hundreds, then in the thousands. Approximately 33 percent come from the United States, 5 percent from Germany -- of those, most are from Berlin.

Chatroulette, a Web site connecting random users via video, could be the next big thing online. In an interview in the bedroom where he grew up, 17-year-old Moscow student Andrey Ternovskiy who created the site talks about money and ways to rid his site of half-naked perverts.

Ternovskiy: A thousand rubles a week, that's about 25 euros. SPIEGEL ONLINE: We're wondering whether you know how to handle money.

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