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A concert in Taipei this past weekend was a who’s who gathering of so name big name Taiwanese celebrities onstage and offstage.

Actress and singer Cyndi Wang held her first solo concert and in attendance was her actor boyfriend Yao Yuan Hao sitting first row, alongside her good friends Rainie Yang and Alien Huang, who hilariously remain good friends as well despite being high school sweethearts broken up.

this is first series yet he gave a very good act...

and the themesong also nice especially bei ji xing de yan lei...

really luv that song but the ending is not really disappointing me...

I thought I might dislike this drama as it has Cyndi in it...

/ Nicholas Teo Release Date: March 2008 Here comes the Prince himself!

However, after watching the 1st episode, I was hooked, and I continued watching it all the way to the end.

Il se fait remarquer grâce à une très belle interprétation de "Evening" de Steve Chou, chanteur, sex symbol, créateur de musique, producteur et star incontestée à Taïwan.

Avec sa voix limpide et claire Nicholas Teo se lance à l'assaut de tous les marchés du disque asiatiques et en particulier à Taïwan et en Chine où il est une idole reconnue.

(Some say Jay Chou as well) However, his musical talent is unquestioned, and as I have made clear in other blog posts around here, I think that looks should never be a limiting factor in determining someone’s talent. Artist: 徐若瑄 / xu ruo xuan / Vivian Hsu Released: September 19, 2006 Continuing on with our coverage of great Chinglish songs, this leads us to 徐若瑄, or Vivian Hsu.

So the OST to this TV series has one new song by JJ himself – 期待你的愛, and some other songs by Nicky Lee, Hu Ling, and Kym. An opinion my friends and I ended forming was that Vivian Hsu is like Catherine Zeta-Jones – sure, they’re old (Vivian’s 32, and Zeta-Jones 38) but they still look damn hot.

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