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Thinking of trying that packed, cozy uptown restaurant but you can't seem to get an honest review off the Internet? The restaurant world is surprisingly small, which means your chef is going to know everywhere in the business — and be able to tell you what's good where (and how to get you in). It says he's independent and self-sufficient and he knows what it takes to get the job done — and done right.Welcome to It City, where the population of celebrity chefs is growing with every passing day.But at Sinema, there's Levitski in the pass, monitoring the food and rounding his kitchen into form. Not necessarily, but in Levitski's case there is a certain comfort in knowing that the name attached to the marquee did more than just write the menu.On the 'Big Gay Wedding,' the fifth episode of season 13 of Bravo's 'Top Chef,' the contestants had to cater a wedding. Quick Fire Challenge You could see this one coming all the way from Napa. Our man Isaac, however, goes with a Guinea hen stuffed with currants, like the one he and his wife, Amanda, ate in Paris on their 10th wedding anniversary. The contestants have to cater a wedding, hosted by none other than chef Art Smith, best known as the man who fed Oprah. Twenty five gay couples will get married with Padma officiating.Absence makes the heart grow fonder (and hungrier).4. Kneading bread and massaging flavors into a chuck roast for twenty minutes? A chef's hands are his everything, and when it comes to you, he'll know when to be gentle — and when to turn the pressure on.5.Candid restaurant reviews — whenever you want them. Maybe not when they're wearing stained kitchen scrubs (that smell faintly of Bolognese and French bread) but watching a man turn, twist and slice his way through a meal is definitely sexy.Okay, so you've probably never looked at an order of Coq au Vin and felt true love for its maker before, but dating a man who knows his way around a kitchen is a major must-do. If you suck at cooking, or don't have the time for it, you don't have to stress anymore. And while you probably just want to cry into a bottle of wine and watch reruns after a long day at the office, a chef wants to take out their frustrations another way.

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(Photo by Dale Berman,courtesy of Bravo) Each week, we recap the latest episode of Bravo's latest season of "Top Chef," the cooking competition now in its 13th season. He's a legit minister in the eyes of the law who's married four couples. "I should probably have a label that says 'does not play well with others,'" Isaac says.Rather than cackling at the clever criticism, in this episode we're just jealous that no one invited us to this party. "It tastes bright and clear, even though it's a homey dish," says judge Gail Simmons of Food and Wine magazine, neatly summing up Isaac's entire approach to cooking. Of course, those runny whipped potatoes under a steak from Mr. And the not-so-dream team of Giselle, who keeps swearing she is the sole "nice person" this season, and Karen, with the pink hair, have major problems. Judges Table Of all the great food, Wesley and Kwame's pickled shrimp comes out on top. Man Bun Phillip along with the disaster from Karen and Giselle are the judges least favorite. Giselle, desperate to survive, is not going to let Phillip get away with gummy potatoes. "When he said it was gummy," Phillip says, "I said that's what I'm going for." And you know what? Phillip lives to cook poorly another day, while Giselle goes home.Our cute couple alert for Thursday is a very cute one. I like keeping it incestuous, keep it in the Bravo family.” Dale says, “Yeah, we randomly met over Myspace. For over a decade, LALATE has been a proud licensed member of the St Louis, MO Press Club.Jack broke the news to Out Zone TV, “It’s very baby steps. And geography is a bit of an issue, but we’ll see where it goes. ABOUT THIS AUTHOR

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