Dating a club dj

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We were together while he was a promoter for the last year of his time working for the club, and let me tell you, I wish there was some FAQ I could’ve read to know I wasn’t alone in the madness that is dating in this industry.

I have reached out to the significant others of promoters, EDM journalists, and local DJs active in the local Seattle scene.

That despite pumping out great mixes and working as hard as you can, the recognition from booking agents and promoters – and the subsequent gigs and success – remain elusive. And more important, how is it that female DJs beat the odds and build brands that help them to achieve huge DJing success?

The answers lie in the reasons why females are unequal generally, beyond DJing.

Everyone will be anonymous, but there were some clear themes that came to the surface.

If your relationship with your DJ man has been anything like my relationship has been, then you've probably been dating for several years and are ready to take it to another level.

Only 10% of performers at music festivals around the world are female, and an even smaller percentage of women are on music label rosters, according to Female Pressure.

So if you’re a female DJ, my betting is you’ve at some point felt like it’s close to an impossible task in front of you. Why do they fail to break the Top 10 lists of any kind (besides an all-female DJ list)?

And in this article I’m going reveal the “unspoken truths” that cause well-deserving female DJs like you to be unequal.

Truths that mean, if you’re don’t take action to counter them, you’ll end up getting no results, becoming demotivated… The good news is that once you acknowledge these unspoken truths within yourself, you beat the odds and start to see results.

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