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Clift Hall Emrey Etter Harms Evans Merriweather Mitchell Roberts Cavin Parker Morrison Sunday - 7/16 J. Clift Harms Evans Merriweather Jones Roberts Morrison Cavin Parker Klepzig ***ROSTERS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE*** Due to the number of football players, and pitchers who are unavailable due to pitching at 15U PG, when they will have pitched last at 16U, non-baseball injuries, and precautionary shutdowns, etc., we will only be able to send one team to Alabama. However, within two days Carolyn and I both were smitten and they became Koontzs.We will notify those who we foresee playing enough time to make it worth the expense of going. They both had obviously been mistreated-especially her.

He was jealous of the relationship she had with Richard and she had with this other guy in the car.

Coach Phillip Wellman’s AA affiliate team of the San Diego Padres in San Antonio won the first half championship in the Texas League, and has a 6 game lead to go in the second half with 30 games left. We lost a cherished member of our family Saturday night when our 15-year-old Lab mix Goldie passed away.

He wanted to let everyone know he will be back at RSA to do hitting and catching lessons October 1! 13U @ CLEVELAND HIGH SCHOOL THURSDAY @ 6 PM KT @ MCCALLIE, WEDNESDAY & THURSDAY @ 6 PM H @ MCCALLIE, WEDNESDAY & THURSDAY @ 6 PM K @ CLEVELAND STATE, TUESDAY @ 6 PM M @ CLEVELAND HIGH SCHOOL, TUESDAY @ 6PM base dugout– NO EXCEPTIONS PLEASE. She and her brother Tanner, who we lost almost exactly five years ago, were sent to us by God in September of 2002.

I agree that clearly the boy moved to this small town after the separation of his mother and father, I think for the time period probably she left the previous town because of shame of marriage breakdown, and her husband, a military officer clearly had high status within the community and little shame would have fallen on him.

She has left with the boy to live in a new town where she is relatively unknown, but clearly the tight community see's a child of divorce and a child struggling with the social pressure of living with just one parent - he is definitely emotionally fragile.

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