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The reason they have been kept is because they are full of timeless wisdom, as well as being the earliest writings of the Christian church. Acts ends, so the record becomes thin and less reliable at this point. We know that he had planned to go to Spain (Rom , 28). Some letters can be dated fairly precisely, such as 1 Thessalonians, and others not so much. 52-54: Paul wrote from Ephesus (1 Cor 16:8), probably during the lengthy visit from A.

Paul lists himself as the author of each of his letters. There are references by Clement of Rome (1 Clement 5) and the Muratorian Fragment that Paul did make this trip. I give the most probable dates of the letters below.

With bloodstains on the back, wrists, feet, side and head the image appears to be that of a crucified man.

The details - the direction of the flow of blood from the wounds, the placement of the nails through the wrists rather than the palms - displays a knowledge of crucifixion that seems too accurate to have been that of a medieval artist.

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He spent the rest of his life as a traveling missionary, spreading the gospel (good news) to the world; and his letters were part of this. 55: This letter was written after 1 Corinthians, based on the internal references and logical consistency between 1 and 2 Corinthians. Generally, the imprisonment in Rome is considered the most probable (A. However, the case is not airtight, so it is possible that some or all of the captivity epistles were written during some other imprisonment at some other time.

Because of his writings, we know more about him than any other person mentioned in the New Testament; but there are still notable gaps. 54-55: Dating is based on persons' names and cross references with 1 Corinthians and Acts. It is likely that 2 Corinthians is actually several letters, combined together, which complicates the issue.

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