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This piece is comprised of about an 8″ circle of very nice linen, surrounded by a 4″ edge of crocheted hairpin lace.

The piece – about 100 years old (1900-1930) is in perfect condition – nary a flaw to be seen!

It is currently being exhibited at the Festival of Quilts in the U. The exhibit is called, “Victoria Findlay Wolfe: Traditions Made Modern”.

The world of vintage apparel and accessories is vast.Not only are vintage designer handkerchiefs elegant additions to any wardrobe, they also make fantastic collector's items.As any item that proves hard to find tends to be, they are also considered great earners!How cool to have an entire exhibit with your name on it!!! I quilted this quilt for her last summer and had forgotten about it until it showed up in my Facebook feed this morning! Victoria and I met a few years ago when she visited my quilt guild in Lawrence, KS, and also did a workshop.I typically sew the way she does, improvisational and never follow a pattern!

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