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DLD is unique in that it includes a wide age range (23-60) of dancers.Working in rehearsals the artists developed personal stories, investigated how each feels in his/her body and how their lives have unfolded.Please contact me should you require any additional information.Romantically, With over 23 years dating experience and six years of marriage, I’ve heard positions as a girlfriend, main chick, side piece, booty call, and wife.

Two key creative components are social relevancy, and collaboration in a diverse community of artists.

When he is not working, Matt enjoys long trips to the playground with his wife and daughter.

You can reach Matt at Matt Founded in 1992 by David and Annie Fox, Electric Eggplant has been on the forefront of multimedia design and production.

Exploring the idea of memories, both shared and individual, the piece weaves through a lifetime of beauty, reflection, challenges and joy.

Collaboration with Santa Barbara based musicians Sean Mc Cue, Michelle Bauchesne, Bill Flores, and with husband Jon Lawton, enhances the movement sections with deft skill and delicacy.

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