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Out of curiosity I checked back to see what type of replies were posted to my post of "stop being so mean and hurtful". First and foremost I am not Jordan Fish , nor do I know her personally.

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He had won his 30th game five days earlier, and the Tigers had already clinched the American League pennant.

When Yankees first baseman Mickey Mantle came to bat with one out and nobody on, Mc Lain let Mantle know that he would give him whatever pitch Mickey wanted.

Bill Freehan, his catcher, once wrote, “The rules for Denny just don’t seem to be the same as for the rest of us.”1 A virtual gunfighter on the mound, Mc Lain pulled his hat brim down so low that he had to tilt his head backward to see the signs from his catcher.

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The compilation is mine but individual poems are copyright to their author.

All I can say is that there is a special place in heaven for such awful behavior that you seem to take great pleasure in hurting others! In fact, whats written here is tame compared to what she posts herself.

How would you feel if someone took one of your innocent posts on your sm page and turned it into horrible trash talk. Reply-to: Veteran there isnt a single thing written on this page that could possibly be any worse than the utter trash she posts on her own social media pages.

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