Dylan and cole sprouse dating life

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Well it seems to be a recent photo taken by Cole of Lili in a flower field.

co-stars in photoshoots before, and this is likely just another instance of that.

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Sure, this could be nothing more than two co-stars hanging out and taking pretty pictures together in a totally platonic way, but what if it wasn't? But dang, if that wouldn't be a ship-tastic IRL pairing.

That said, some fans are using this as a jumping-off point for some more in-depth speculation.

Take this one fan's thread outlining all of the evidence that has some believing there It obviously goes without saying that without a verbal confirmation from one or both parties, we can only speculate.

And though he never scored a date with a much older Maddie Fitzpatrick (played by Ashley Tisdale) on the Disney Channel show, it looks like he's found love in real life! Frazer is a lifestyle blogger and a stunning model for Freedom Models.

She attended a college in Connecticut and majored in science and history.

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