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Fox Searchlight spent .5 million to acquire the film at the Sundance Film Festival in January.“It is an exceptional piece of artistry and a vital portrait of our American experience in trying to live up to ideals we say we have,” Holbrook wrote of the slavery drama.“We ran really well, we took advantage of everything we were given so we played well.” Gran cited a two-run home run while by J. Osmond and strong pitching by Dean Daddio in just two-and-two-thirds innings.“We kept his pitch count under 35 so we can bring him back in a few days. The team and coaches are glad to have the first game played. Lots of cameras, the field is beautiful, a lot of people here…I had a couple say man, this is so great,” Grano said.“No one should miss it — no one who respects our country and its long struggle to define itself.” The actor goes on to express sorrow over the circumstances surrounding the film, and Parker, who came under fire in August when rape allegations stemming from a 1999 incident at Penn State University resurfaced and governed virtually all discourse surrounding the project.“[L]et’s try for some honesty here,” Holbrook wrote.Whenever we speak of intimacy, the first thing that comes into people's minds is sex.I don't know about you, but the last time I had intimate sex was… Sex can be intimate, but more often than not it isn't.

Here are Adweek’s 10 branded content honorees in the 2017 Creative 100: Three years since launching T Brand Studio, the brand marketing unit of the The New York Times, the team has grown from just five staffers to 150.

You are telling the woman you love that, in that moment, she is the most beautiful thing you've ever seen.

When a woman knows you find her so positively stunning — inside and out — she'll never have to worry about you straying or your feelings faltering.

The New York Times has since removed that sentence, noting in a correction that “[a]n earlier version of this letter referred imprecisely to another movie whose director was involved in controversy. It’s a fine work.” Academy president Cheryl Boone Isaacs similarly called on audiences to see the film on its own terms when cornered by TMZ photographers in August.

‘Rosemary’s Baby’ was released nine years before the rape case involving its director, Roman Polanski.” No further mention of Polanski was added to the actual content of the letter. “That’s one issue; that’s his personal issue,” Isaacs said about the allegations at the time. The important thing is for people to see it and enjoy the film, be impressed by the film.

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