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I could see this was a psychological master who knew how to manipulate an audience.

The stock trade in any self-help e-book purchase is to tap into the reader’s insecurities and promise you have the long-sought-after answer.

I clicked on the link–“The Ten Most Dangerous Mistakes Women Make”–and found myself swimming through simple, one-sentence direct-mail style paragraphs, like: feeling in your stomach? And then the thing you KNEW would happen actually happened: He unexplainably disappeared from your life. ” Of course, the worst part wasn’t that it happened, but that you KNEW you shouldn’t have done it in the first place… Christian Carter offers to tell women how to avoid the ten fatal mistakes most women make with men, or how to engage and attract a man right after you meet in person, if you are so good as to enter your credit card number to receive his e-book.

I was vulnerable to that horrible ad because I recently heard something along the lines of “I’m just looking for something casual.” Somehow I find that impossible not to take personally.

Early excavators took everything to the museum in Naples, but archaeologists since 1911 have left artifacts in place, making the more recently excavated areas the most interesting.

Expect to be surprised at how vivid an impression of ancient life you get in its homes, shops, and public places.

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Unfortunately, just as their business was taking off, the Great Depression hit in 1929, and the market for cars, let alone monogrammed ones, dried up.

The brothers responded by reaching out to major department stores like Mc Crorys and Macy’s, which would routinely monogram handbags for their customers.

Until Monocraft came along, these purses and bags would have to be sent away to be customized.

At the first sign of the eruption, people began leaving, so when the final flow descended like a tidal wave, only about 2,000 people remained trapped in the city.

Abandoned ever since, Pompeii started to emerge when excavations began in the 18th century and since then, about three-fifths of the total area (the city walls had a perimeter of three kilometers) have been recovered.

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