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Using the new web payment system, we’re told Apple plans to offer the ability to set up hardware repairs and replacements that require a hold on a credit card or pay per incident fee via chat support.

If you are a new customer, your first shipment consists of 30 free Hubble lenses after we verify your contact lens prescription.

Warehouse Deals is where Amazon sells any open-box and used products.

You can often save big bucks because this is where they sell any returns and trade-ins.

It's certainly worth a look, there are hundreds of thousands of products here.We use Subscribe and Save to get a discount on things like diapers, tissue paper, toilet paper, and other nonperishable necessities. We still go but now we don't need to lug massive packages back. I've read all the articles out there claiming to be Amazon “hacks,” where they just list membership benefits or tell you to check out Warehouse Deals or enlighten you about “subscribe and save.” Seriously, everyone knows about subscribe and save.Those posts are nice reminders, but those aren't exactly hacks.Not only will this make online chat support an official support channel for Apple, it will also close up a loophole that allowed users to get free technical or diagnostic support and avoid paying for over the phone services or Apple Care.Before rolling out the paid chat support, Apple had to develop a new web payment system that would allow it to accept payments through chat and keep user info secure when transferred between support agents, according to our sources.

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