Grandstream phone not updating time

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Cisco IP Phone Configuration Configuring Cisco IP Phones Displaying the MAC Address of a Phone Adding a Phone Copying an Existing Phone Resetting a Phone Updating a Phone Deleting a Phone Phone Configuration Settings Searching for User ID Configuring Speed-Dial Buttons Speed-Dial Configuration Settings Configuring Cisco IP Phone Services Subscribing to a Service Updating Services Unsubscribing from a Service Configuring Service URL Buttons Adding a Service URL Button Updating the Service URL Buttons Finding a Phone Configuring Directory Numbers Adding a Directory Number Updating a Directory Number Removing a Directory Number From a Phone Directory Number Configuration Settings Cisco IP Phones as full-featured telephones can plug directly into your IP network.

You use the Cisco Call Manager Administration Phone Configuration window to configure the following Cisco IP Phones and devices: •Cisco IP Phone 7900 family (models 7970, 7960, 7940, 7936, 7935, 7920, 7912, 7910, 7905, and 7902) •Cisco IP Phone model 30 VIP •Cisco IP Phone model 12 SP •H.323 clients •Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) ports •Cisco ATA 186 and Cisco ATA 188 telephone adapter •Cisco VG248 ports (analog phones) Note You configure the Cisco VG248 gateway from the Gateway Configuration window of Cisco Call Manager Administration.

The Vo IPVo IP Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) provide extensive information about our service.

In this section you can find answers to most of the questions other members have had about Vo IPVo IP service. If you get one-way audio, or cannot get a dial tone or cannot make/receive calls with your Vo IP device, you are probably behind firewall.

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Stun server solves firewall issues for some of the routers.After you add a Cisco IP Phone to Cisco Call Manager Administration, information from the RIS Data Collector service displays in the Phone Configuration window.When available, the IP address of the device and the name of the Cisco Call Manager with which the device registered display.Reboot your device and check if you have dial tone.2.) In order to resolve any DNS problem on the Vo IP device, change the SIP server name 66.2 Reboot your device and check if you have dial tone.

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