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With this twenty-first-century Taylorism, management experts, take the basic workplace tasks at Amazon, such as the movement, shelving, and packaging of goods, and break down these tasks into their subtasks, usually measured in seconds; then rely on time and motion studies to find the fastest way to perform each subtask; and then reassemble the subtasks and make this “one best way” the process that employees must follow.

Amazon is also a truly global corporation in a way that Walmart has never been, and this globalism provides insights into how Amazon responds to workplaces beyond the United States that can follow different rules.

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However, her plans for the big day are disrupted by the attendance of her irresponsible ex-husband and a cynical tabloid reporter looking for a big story.

I'll admit, this show is one of my guilty pleasures. I was also wondering if anyone here has actually seen them in their town, or has seen the van on the road.

I know there are a few threads about this, but I haven't seen the answers to my questions. Or could it be like "Drive-ins, Diners and Dives" where I believe Guy has his car trucked in, then hops in it to appear that he has just driven up the said eatery. I stop in Le Claire, Iowa - where they are based - about once a month and I've been in to their shop.

They're on the hunt for items that may look like dusty old junk to those without Wolfe and Fritz's expertise.

Along the way, the duo have found items that are rare, collectible and a lot more valuable than non-experts might imagine.

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