How to troll a dating website

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The first one was just "tapping noises and breathing," but in the second, someone said Vanessa's name multiple times before asking, "What are you going to do?

Some of these responses might, to the wrong/right person, be a bit much.

What have we learned from these experiences over the years? If you’ve ever dealt with an online troll, and chances are you have, then you may have noticed there are many different types of trolls.

For example, there are the trolls who just like to cause mischief online.

In fact, a 2014 study found that people with higher levels of sadism and psychopathy were more likely to engage in online trolling behavior, with sadism being the strongest predictor. While there are lots of creative ways to call out trolls, keep in mind that as mentioned above, they’re often looking to create an anti-social environment.

Lifehacker also says that, “In addition, these internet trolls are likely to be motivated by negative social rewards, meaning they are reinforced by creating a disruptive social environment.” Uh, yeah, so it’s totally not about you. If you return their vitriol by engaging in a name calling war, you’re essentially giving them exactly what they want.

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