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Fresh out of a breakup with the white girlfriend his parents didn't know existed and freaked out that he’s almost 30 and still single, Ravi goes on a family vacation to India, open minded about finding love in a traditional way — but there’s a catch: in his family, everyone has the last name Patel. It’s not incest — it just means they are from the same 50-square mile radius in India.As the marriages of his Patel family and friends all seem overwhelmingly happy, Ravi plunges into the foolproof Patel matchmaking system and embarks on a worldwide search for the perfect American Patel woman.

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There are plenty of Asian-Americans who only date white people, but to suggest that race isn’t a factor is willfully naïve: You encounter people who won’t date you because of your race, people who want to date you only because of your race, and the ones who claim not to see race at all.

A well-oiled machine, the Patel network is instantly alerted to Ravi’s availability through his legendary matchmaker mother Champa and his jovial, advice-spouting father Vasant, both of whom expertly steer Ravi’s love life through a system that has brought happiness into the lives of all of Ravi’s cousins.

Ravi and Geeta’s parents decided to marry within ten minutes of meeting, have been happy for 35 years and are impatiently awaiting weddings and babies.

Coconut, of course, is one of those lightly pejorative, food-based words to describe people of color who are “white on the inside.” (Other gastronomic equivalents include Oreos and bananas.) It’s a label that’s usually leveled by a member of the same race, a way to tut-tut the other person’s failure to properly rep for the tribe. When she meets a group of Neel’s friends, she overperforms what she thinks is “authentic” by wearing a kurta and chastising Jody for bringing a bottle of whiskey to dinner. She doesn’t become a social justice warrior, but simply realizes with the help of her parents that she has always been Indian enough.

Having Indian-American suitor Neel (Kristian Kordula) call Mindy Lahiri a coconut was a smart and playful way to address a longstanding criticism of the show itself, while remaining true to the show’s protagonist. It may be a bit pat, but the episode showed that rather than outright dismiss the criticism, Kaling listened, and responded thoughtfully.

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