Intimidating color scheme

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"This wasn't a common color for siding at the time this house was built," says Maycock.

While the idea of decorating with a single color might make you wrinkle your nose a little, we’re here to show you some gorgeous ways of creating beautiful spaces – using (primarily) one color.

One of the key steps in creating this type of place is choosing the right color scheme for the kitchen.

For first time do it yourselfers, figuring out what colors to paint a kitchen can be a intimidating task.

Though you've had plenty of coffee, your energy is on a decidedly downward trend.

While the color wheel may seem intimidating at first, it really is easy to use and super helpful for piecing together flattering and unlikely color combinations.

Black in particular makes a great accent shade in warm kitchen color schemes of yellows, oranges, and reds.

Seeing as the kitchen is one of the most used rooms in the house, it is essential to create a warm and inviting environment in terms of kitchen layout, design, color combinations, and decor.

John, more concerned with interior carpentry than exterior color, was indifferent about the options.

"He expressed an interest in green, and when I said no, he changed his tune to 'whatever you want,'" says Sally, who wanted a scheme that felt "fresh and exciting." Shown: The house was painted a light gray when John and Sally bought it.

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