Ipod not updating

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Sometimes USB ports go bad, and though it’s pretty rare it’s very easy to rule out.

All you need to do is switch the USB cable from one port to another and see if it works.

They are running ios 6.1.6, which is the latest version available.

I'm pretty peeved that these controllers no longer work as SONOS controllers once I updated my system to 6.4.

If you find yourself in that frustrating situation, here is what you can do to fix it and get the i Phone, i Pod, or i Pad syncing with i Tunes on a Mac or PC again.

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This guide was written using an i Phone as an example but it is mainly the same for other i Pods, although there are different plugins depending on your i Pod model.-- I have had the i Phone 6 and i Tunes on a windows 8 computer , and I am frustrated with the fact I can't sync my i Phone to i Tunes.It's as if my i Pod isn't being recognized by i Tunes.I’ve owned three i Pod touches over the last five years.It’s the i Phone minus the 3G antenna and the expensive price tag, so you can afford to replace it more often.

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