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We fully together and she didn't even break up with me! A post shared by Jonathan Clark (@jbclark_) on May 30, 2017 at am PDT Writing on Instagram, Jon claimed that he and Chloe had dated for seven months, lived together for the past six months (that was fast, no? “To be honest I don’t really have much to say,” she added when asked to explain what went wrong between the pair. Obviously when you’ve got an ex-boyfriend you never have full contact. I’ve seen him out and stuff, having a few drunk texts and stuff like that, but at the end of the day I’m still single – so the bottom line is I’m single.” Got that? On whether she might’ve led Jon on at any point, Chloe said: “Some people read into things different from what other people do – if he thought I was leading him on, I didn’t mean to do that but I wish him happiness.

Every bad thing that a fella can be, that’s me.” Stern suggested that the "Jack & Diane" singer call and make amends with Ryan, but he insisted that he'd already attempted to do so, unsuccessfully. She just doesn’t want anything to do with me,” Mellencamp said.Last year’s Olivier appearance wasn’t entirely a surprise, given the fact that the couple had been rumored to be dating on and off for years.There’s a scene in “The Fires of Autumn,” Irene Nemirovsky’s novel set in 1920s France, in which a young war widow named Therese thinks she is being courted for marriage by her childhood friend Bernard — only to discover that he wants nothing more than a fling. I say “naively” because it’s not the first time some newfangled technology has been mistakenly blamed for young people having more sex. But the moralizers of Nemirovsky’s era fooled themselves into believing that the automobile was to blame for loosening sexual mores.The Love Island lot haven't even got to the villa yet, but that hasn't stopped everything from already Kicking. Contestant Chloe Crowhurst has had her say, hitting back at her supposed boyfriend (ex-boyfriend? According to Jon, the pair were very much an item – and news that Chloe was heading out to the ITV2 show came as a huge shock. To recap (trust us, we’ve tried to keep this short…) former Love Island and current The Only Way Is Essex cast member Jon lashed out at Chloe on Twitter and Instagram this week, branding her an “evil bitch”.

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