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It’s a combination coffee house, neighborhood bar and venue with nightly dancing, karaoke, queer poetry, industry night (on Mondays, duh), football, yoga, comedy and Whiskey Wednesdays. ” but now claims to be an “Open Air Bar & Grill, For Open Minded People.” Same difference.“Catfish” has had two seasons of some of the most outrageous reality on TV and we can’t wait for the new episode to air tonight.What’s happening right now in Alexandria is relief effort—relief after “the Wolves” savaged the town, leaving a lot of OG Alexandrians dead, and relief in the emotional act it’ll take for characters to go from letting their fear claim them to fighting to live this new way of life.One of those people is Denise (Merritt Wever)—the psychiatrist turned surgeon who, despite her limited knowledge of medicine, must get past her self-doubt and try her hardest to move into this new role.Online dating can be dangerous and we’ve got 15 reasons why you should be sure you know who you’re talking to before things go any further, thanks to the lessons we’ve learned from these Catfish episodes.

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), vampy goth nights with dark industrial tunes and monthly roller skating parties. If you’re into manly dudes, leather and bears, try The Wrangler -- but they have been notorious for excluding women, fems and queens, so be warned.While it’s maybe one of the toughest pills for us to swallow, we are left no other choice but to wait out the next few episodes until So, to give us something to really talk about, it appears the writers felt it was time to reestablish some roots we had all but given up on.Tara Chamblers (Alanna Masterson) was introduced in Season 4 when she still had a girlfriend that was alive and didn’t yet know how tight she’d become with Rick’s crew.Babes Around Denver (BAD) hosts First Friday parties here for lesbians “and allies,” with three rooms playing all sorts of music from Top 40 and hip hop to retro and country. The Wrangler is popular for its Summer Sunday Beer Bust, where you pay for a cup and drink all day, cruising for tail.This is actually the largest monthly women’s party (about 1,500 ladies in attendance! If you’re into chubby bears and muscle men, you’ll be in heaven in this North Cap Hill gay bar.

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