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Although, that's a bit rich coming from us, the human species, given our penchant for humping whenever the mood takes us and having very little to do with our desire to create new life.Well, humping is how dogs reproduce, and if their level of discretion leaves something to be desired, well, dogs will be dogs.I got there and found five guys ranging from the ages of 20 to 40.They were all good looking, high and not wearing any clothes."Before she got her diagnosis, a lot of the teachers said the same thing -- 'I don't really see it.' Well, as you work with Isabella over the time, then it explodes one day and you're like, 'oh, wow,'" explained Troy Pietroske, Isabella's dad.Troy and his wife, Crystal, heard a service dog might be perfect for their daughter."When she has a meltdown, the dog with either sit or lay on her until she calms down," said Crystal Pietroske, Isabella's mom. "I started talking to some people who had gotten dogs from her and they said 'we got our dog and it was not even trained. It wasn't no where near a service dog,'" Crystal said.The Pietroskes trusted Guardian of the Night K9 and the owners Corey and Travis Fox. Those types of complaints lead authorities in Georgia to raid the Fox's property and they found a mess.

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A union of this kind with another is the crème de la crème, an awakening of two people who choose each other and travel down a path of no resistance.

Most people I meet have gone through at least one promiscuous phase in their lives.

Men are more likely to seek out multiple sexual partners than women.

After all, Travis is a K-9 officer for Clayton County, Georgia. The case field report says they saw "12 dogs inside the home" with "unsanitary conditions." It goes on to say they had to take a "younger German Shepard to the vet" because it was "full of worms, hooks and whips, very underweight." In addition, the report says they found "seven total dogs outside" and that they were living in "very bad conditions, dirty water" with "feces and urine covering the kennel floor." The report also noted, "the smell was horrific." It was information Troy and Crystal hadn't seen until FOX6's Katrina Cravy showed it to them. They are out more than ,000 and telling their daughter Alpha wasn't coming was hard.

For two years the Pietroskes paid monthly for Alpha to be trained by Corey. "Not only because it's my daughter — I can't believe they did this to other people and then, also, you think you're dealing with an officer of the law and he wouldn't even respond to us." Troy said. "It's really important to go out and meet with the breeder that's breeding the puppy or meet with the person that's fostering the puppy or with the adoption center.

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