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You can modify your console's settings so that updates are downloaded automatically or have to be downloaded manually.There are also several steps you can take if your Xbox One is having difficulty installing an update.In this article we’ll discuss how to either solve the problem yourself, or when you should contact Microsoft’s support.As of the time I’m writing this article (November 23rd, 2013) the system has only just been released, and there are a few errors which are unknown.7 games were removed from the list due to bugs: Codename: Kids Next Door – Operation: V. An official Xbox 360 hard disk is required to play any of the games on this list.The hard disk is used to store the emulation software, and also to store saved games, downloaded content, and to serve as a data cache for titles which utilize disk caching.This is a list of Xbox games that are compatible with the console's successor, the Xbox 360.Microsoft ceased adding titles to the list in November 2007, so the list is considered final.

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In either version, you get firmware updates for your hardware to increase performance or update certain software features.This section will help you get up to date on the Xbox One hardware.The Xbox One has been released, and there have been a series of reported issues which users are currently facing.You can read about it here, It is compatible with ALL fat models, and the Slim models list on the product page.The Slim is still in production, so we can very say that it is compatible with ALL drive types until the Slim is discontinued!

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