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The Guardians (ガーディアン) are an independent peacekeeping force in the Mega Man ZX series.They investigate Maverick outbreaks and protect peripheral towns from Maverick attacks.Il peut également compter sur l'aide de Rush, son chien-robot, et de ses différentes fonctionnalités : Au cours du jeu, Mega Man récupère également des boulons qu'il peut utiliser à la boutique d'Auto pour acheter des objets et des améliorations.Il peut enfin secourir l'oiseau-robot Beat afin de recevoir une aide supplémentaire dans les niveaux et contre les bosses.Led by Prairie, they operate from their mobile headquarters, the airship Grand Nuage.The group is sometimes referred to as simply "Guardian", although individual members are also called Guardians. At that point we had just finished adding all the small enemies in the game. Wily claimed that the robots are not under his control and has vowed to help fix the problem along with Dr.

Mais il avait prévu le coup en dissimulant, au cas où, 4 robots dans un repère secret.The male soldiers wear white pants while the females wear green skirts with white belts.The majority of the Guardians consists of Reploids, although they do not seem to have restrictions against humans, as Aile/Vent becomes a Guardian.The soldiers wear a green uniform over a black bodysuit with a small, golden plated necktie on their vests.They have round, metallic helmets with a T-shaped red visor that can be retracted.

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