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On Tuesday, with momentum continuing to build against the public display of Confederate iconography, Senate Majority Leader Mitch Mc Connell (R-Ky.) proposed removing the statue of Confederate president Jefferson Davis from his state’s capitol.

(So did Matt Bevin, the state’s Republican gubernatorial nominee.) The debate has even spread to Washington.

To Cloud is also smart enough to extract phrases and works much better than most other word cloud generators on the web.

The word cloud of a blog, news page, feed will give a quick idea about what topics are being discussed. If you have a blog or an account with social networking websites, you can use To Cloud and display a word cloud of your pages and impress your friends and visitors.

On our Rottweiler page, we chose ideas that we felt might best reflect it's large size, as well as it's calm demeanor.

So to start, simply click on one of the alphabetically listed breeds below to check out our lists of....

Also their success in the context of the era in which they played was factored in.

Mark Aguirre, Westinghouse, 1978The high-scoring forward helped put Westinghouse on the map, leading the Warriors to their first city final in 1977 and their first city championship the next year.

If you are just interested in creating a static word cloud, you can use this free online word cloud generator.There is one Latino represented in the collection today.There are six American Indians, one Hawaiian, and zero African Americans. are both featured as part of a separate collection.) If it were any less diverse it would look like the Senate.I hope the content of this page was useful to you, and that you found some Japanese Names (Surnames) that you were looking for.In its 118-year history, Illinois high school basketball has produced a remarkable bounty of talent.

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