Mpps this program can be run 128 times before updating

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I have also recorded the version you will see in the File, Account, About Microsoft Project link Project 2013.

Steelray Project Viewer is a brilliant bit of software!

They are listed in reverse date order - newest at the top.

While 370k pps is not bad for a naive program, it's still quite far from the goal of 1Mpps. How about sending independently from two threads: sender$ taskset -c 1,2 ./udpsender \ receiver$ taskset -c 1 ./udpreceiver1 0.349M pps 10.651Mi B / 89.343Mb 0.354M pps 10.815Mi B / 90.724Mb 0.354M pps 10.806Mi B / 90.646Mb 0.354M pps 10.811Mi B / 90.690Mb receiver$ watch 'sudo ethtool -S eth2 |grep rx' rx_nodesc_drop_cnt: 451.3k/s rx-0.rx_packets: 8.0/s rx-1.rx_packets: 0.0/s rx-2.rx_packets: 0.0/s rx-3.rx_packets: 0.5/s rx-4.rx_packets: 355.2k/s rx-5.rx_packets: 0.0/s rx-6.rx_packets: 0.0/s rx-7.rx_packets: 0.5/s rx-8.rx_packets: 0.0/s rx-9.rx_packets: 0.0/s rx-10.rx_packets: 0.0/s is a Solarflare specific counter saying the NIC failed to deliver 450kpps to the kernel.

Sometimes it's not obvious why the packets weren't delivered.

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    If you face some issues with SPTD driver, you can try the solutions below. For some products, it is only necessary to disable one feature (something like "process monitor" or "process alteration").

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