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It may make you feel a tiny bit better to know that others are equally perplexed.

Lora-Ellen Mc Kinney, a psychologist, health-policy analyst and writer seems to have it all.

According to Frances, handing out the cards ias a far safer, more secure alternative than giving out your mobile number.

Speaking to the Galway Independent this week, she said, “The whole concept of handing out your phone number to people can be a bit daunting.

Perhaps most importantly, Mc Kinney is able to weave her story into a lesson for other women who engage in online dating so that they hopefully won’t face the same frustration that she has.

The show is directed by Shanga Parker, an award-winning theater artist and an accomplished director, and can be seen at Hugo House in Seattle on August 16th and on November 12th at the B2 Fine Arts Gallery in Tacoma, WA.

Online dating has opened the door to a whole new dating experience.

People who choose online dating have not failed at the dating scene by rejecting conventional methods; they are just exploring their options.

Mc Kinney has the uncanny ability to put into words the experiences that most women try to block out or are too flustered to retell.

When creating a profile once meant you had to place an ad in the newspaper and wait for a phone call, today's methods of dating uses the World Wide Web to bring thousands of couples together who would otherwise never even have met. If you're looking for love and definitely see children in your future and they are against having kids, then perhaps this relationship may have some difficulties from the start.

Here are a few suggestions for a positive online dating experience. Once you get over the easy questions, start asking questions that will give you more than just a three word answer.

If they see someone out they like, they can simply hand them the card, which allows them to see their details on-line.

Frances adds, “If you're out in a nightclub, a bar or in town and you see someone you like, you can hand them the card.

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