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The deed stipulates that the county must use it for a public purpose or give it back, state officials said.County Judge Jeff Branick and other elected officials, including state Sen. Joe Deshotel whose districts include the empty center, said they will fight the state's efforts to take it back, citing local opposition to having up to 185 of the state's worst sex offenders moved there as part of the Texas' civil commitment program.Several of those served time for having sex with children and other predatory sex crimes, the same offenses that can land a felon in the state's civil commitment program that wants to use the Price center, according to state files.The figures surfaced as Jefferson County officials told a local TV station they plan to use the vacant Price facility to house the county's election materials and to do elections training, a move that appears intended to block the state's plans.Bill C-36’s new offence that prohibits purchasing sexual services makes the prostitution transaction illegal.

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You should contact that office directly or visit their website for information on payment methods for your application. In addition, applicants resident in Sudan and South Sudan will not be able to make a payment online for this service and should contact their nearest mission for details of payment methods.

AUSTIN – Beaumont officials are fighting a plan to relocate sex offenders into an empty youth lockup even as more than 600 sex criminals already are in that city under less supervision than the ones the state is proposing to move.

Many of the registered sex offenders already living in Beaumont have been convicted of crimes just as serious as the ones state officials want to place in the now-closed Al Price State Juvenile Correctional Facility, according to state records.

A person convicted of this new offence may be sentenced to up to 5 years imprisonment if prosecuted on indictment, and 18 months if prosecuted by summary conviction.

Mandatory minimum fines also apply, including higher mandatory minimum fines if the offence is committed in a public place that is or is next to parks, schools, religious institutions or places where children can reasonably be expected to be present.

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