Outlook imap folders not updating

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This documentation covers API for @-mentions, unsubscribing messages, quick replies, and language and time zone choices, which are all currently in preview.

Preview features are subject to change prior to finalization, and may break code that uses them.

Because of this, in general you should use only a production version of an API in your production code.

An application (such as a keyboard or mouse) is said to have focus when it receives user input.As you may noticed, Microsoft Outlook tends to respond slower to your commands, as time goes by over your Outlook installation.We use to compare Microsoft Outlook with Microsoft Windows: they both needs constant tweaking and optimization, unless you are willing to reformat your disk and to reinstall Windows.After a few clicks their folders information will be synchronized each time you update the shared folder on your PC.Your partners will receive the updated Outlook items (contacts, appointments, tasks, emails, notes, journal entries, documents, etc.) via regular e-mail.

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