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It was only issue of King I ever had, and I could hardly stand looking at it. You guys know I don’t generally dine on Chinese, but even if I did, Tila Tequila’s pancake face seems a little bit extreme to me, to the point where I’m not sure if I could rise to the occasion. But while we’re on the topic of things you don’t necessarily need to know: If I had to bang an Asian broad, I’d probably go for a woman named Elly Tran Ha. (Note that in this case, Tran is an Asian person’s name, not an indicator that she migh be able to fuck me, if she somehow disabled me.) Either her, or this woman with ridonkulously large cans (I know…) named Fuko (pronounced Foucault).The reason I bring this up is because I was over at Sandra Rose just now, and I saw where black women are pissed that Essence magazine put Reggie Bush on the cover of their next issue.I thought Kim Kardashian had an official pass from the black community?I don’t seem to recall there being any uproar back when she was the first non-black woman on the cover of King magazine, back before it went out of business and relaunched sans (new) journalism.And even the best musings about the subject are often rehashed versions of something that someone else said.It feels like we’re stuck between preaching to the converted and fighting in some sort of endless battle royal where there are no winners, just wounds. It hurts that there’s so much malcontent between the two groups of people who depend on one another for survival—though a group of Black women reading this would quickly tell you otherwise.Kanye goes on to say, “She’s just soaking in the moment.If Kim had dated me when I wanted, there would be no Amber Rose” (biggest eye-roll of the century).

However, it’s critical that we acknowledge the elephant in the room: We’re hurting, and as Terrie Williams often says, hurt people hurt people. Let’s go back to last month, when Kerry Washington lost the 2013 Emmy for “Best Actress” to Yet, it’s easy to feel like “Once again, a Black person isn’t getting her due.” She would have been the first Black actress to nab that award and considering that she’s the first Black woman to be the lead on a drama in , it should be no surprise that there were people who look like her have become emotionally invested in her success.But not because he looks mad suspect, with his sweater all open like that – which was my issue.You know black women like black men a little bit suspect. No, they’re pissed because he’s dating Kim Kardashian, who isn’t black.Her new beau isn’t married like Frenchie, and isn’t one of Trina’s exes, but he is a man with a week-old newborn.He “left” a gorgeous woman of color, Jordan Craig (aka Jordy), to date a woman who appropriates black women, does performative caricatures of black women with her alter ego, Koko, and who joked about the KKK in an offensive Instagram post. When photos of Kardashian and Thompson first surfaced back in September, reports claimed the 25-year-old Cleveland Cavalier left his pregnant ex to start dating Khloé. Sure, Jordy and Tristan could’ve already split by the time Khloé bogarted her way into the picture, which would technically put her in the clear. A woman is in peak lust with a man who has a WEEK-OLD BABY BOY. As far as we know, Jordy could be living the life, happy to have a man as trash as Tristan out of her life.

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