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At first sight this is just a normal You Tube video from a Fox News broadcast (which is about a death but not about Rowan Atkinson).” Another wrote: “I can't believe anyone would make up a hoax story that Rowan Atkinson has died. ” It is not the first time the British star has been the target of hoaxers.In July 2016 it was falsely reported that he has taken his own life after “battling severe depression”.

He owns a luxury Handsmooth House at ipsden in Oxfordshire nearly Blenheim Palace. He drives Mc Laren F1, Honda Civic Hybrid and Aston Martin V-8 Zagato.

Rowan Atkinson fell victim to a death hoax after it was claimed he had died in a car crash.

Fans feared the 62-year-old actor had passed away at the weekend after a Twitter account posing as US broadcaster Fox News spread the fake news by duping users into clicking on a malicious link.

Comedy legend Atkinson – best known for his iconic roles as Edmund Blackadder and Mr Bean – may seem an unlikely choice to play the pipe-smoking chief inspector.

But if you think he’s donning Maigret’s trilby “in order to achieve some kind of respectability”, think again, the 61-year-old told Radio Times this week.

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