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EOD Speci Jl Ajent 1' JULY 20, 1942 8/19/67 RETIREME^rr ^20 YEARS Social Security Hiitr Mt 4 ^ INVESTIGATIVE EXPERIENCE) / Office Date ASSISTANT DIRECTOR CRIME RPropns 17/31 fdfi RETIREMENT (20 YEARS INVEST . ras well suited for use en dangerous assignnrents, had successfully han- .

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Daring an inspeciicn of the New Haven Office -in Dece^iber 19U2, Inspector Harbo said he was |t?

Providers may unnecessarily or prematurely discontinue medications, increase doses, and add concomitant medications.

Cognitive Adaptation Training (CAT; a psychosocial treatment using environmental supports such as signs, labels, pill containers, and checklists to cue and sequence adaptive behavior in the community, including taking medication) and its counterpart Pharm CAT (which only uses supports targeting adherence) have been found to improve adherence to oral medication and to reduce rates of relapse in comparison to standard treatment for individuals with schizophrenia.

JANE HELLEINER Brock University This article examines the politics of minority childhood in Ireland through an analysis of dom- inant discourses and published biographical and autobiographical accounts.

The focus is on the oficial constructions and experiences of Traveller children during the decades preceding the implementation of a state settlement policy in the mid-1960s.

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