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Sad that her husband Frank is out of town on business on her birthday, his forgetting that it was Lisa's birthday adds insult to ingury....until Frank's sister Tammy decideds to give Lisa a Birthday Surprise....

From New York City to Sanya, China, each property is designed to give guests a curated taste of the locale, reflecting the best of cultural and social miliieu.

Fatma Betül Sayan Kaya, Turkey's minister of family, was prevented from entering Rotterdam's Turkish consulate and taken to the German border by Dutch police, after she was prevented leading a rally of ex-pats who support expanding President Erdoğan's powers.

On Twitter, one Turkish account holder described the act as a "mission completed" against "fascist Netherlands", while another user describe it as "an act of war".

Two days ago, 11 people died in the attack near the Blue Mosque.

The apartment of Turkish writer Orhan Pamuk, winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature, is in the Cihangir district, only a few kilometers from the site of the attack.

The result is a refreshing collection of individualized hotels (the anti-hotel chain), representing a new generation of luxury.

It is a true melting pot of cultures, traditions and history.He spoke on condition of anonymity in line with government rules that bar civil servants from speaking to reporters without authorization.'There's nothing remarkable about their conversation, but the fact that he's the last person she had any contact with makes him a person of interest,' Grimm said."It was a peaceful day, I had just completed my new novel and was writing an article -- and suddenly: boom! You know, this used to happen every day before, in the 1970s.I know the sound of a bomb exploding." It is Thursday, January 14.

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