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He then claimed his account was hacked, but the story unravelled when more pictures came to light.

When asked: "Did you use government resources for this kind of activity? Asked if he used "congressional phones, congressional email, congressional time", he said: "No, I didn't".

There’s also Fatima, or Kak Emma, who was the one Firza talked to in a widely circulated recording about her affair with Rizieq. According to the police, Kak Emma admitted that two women talking in the recording were indeed Firza and herself.

Police has named Firza Husein a suspect in a pornography case involving Islamic Defender Front chief Rizieq Shihab.

She was named suspect after spending one day of questioning at the Jakarta Police headquarter yesterday. “Expert found that there was a transmission between the two mobile phones.

The growth of the internet has opened many doors to meet new people from all over the word. But since there are so many different types of websites, it can be overwhelming to get a hold of where you should be getting started.

Therefor we want to walk you through the options available and tell you about them, including the hot idea of having sex chat with strangers.

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