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Remo Fernandes, who would go on to become the first Indian pop musician to record an album of original English-language tunes, was among those locked in the spell.“Two artists sometimes ignite a creative chemistry in each other which goes beyond all logical explanation. Then he went back to his wife.” “He didn’t let her perform with anyone else.India’s middle classes were capturing their polyester memories on Agfa Click IIIs that cost 46.50 rupees (taxes extra), aspiring to the lifestyles of “The Jet Set Air Hostesses” described in The Illustrated Weekly of India (price: 85 paise), and being encouraged by newspaper ads to “Go gay with Gaylord fine filter cigarettes”.

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However, with her sexy pics doing the rounds on the internet, it seems that young Aalia will soon be giving other divas a run for their money.Arms crossed coquettishly above her waist, Lorna Cordeiro is chic in a bouffant and a form-fitting gown that shows a flash of ankle. Behind them looms a giant camera aperture borrowed from the opening sequence of the Bond films.You couldn’t miss the poster as you sauntered down Jamshetji Tata Road in downtown Bombay.They narrate stories—Mumbai’s Chor Bazaar brings up visions of all the gorgeous furniture that was sold and bought there in the flux of Partition.They gain reputations—for offering great street food, or the best pavement shopping experience, or for being the coolest night bazaar.

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