Sharepoint 2016 user information list not updating

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On the Manage User Profiles page type the users name in the “Find Profiles” box and click Find.There is a quick and easy way that information about the logged in user can be obtained from within an Info Path form.If maintaining the author and editor is critical even if the user is no longer in your company, you could re-enable the user in Active Directory during the Share Point migration process.

In this post, I’m not going to be using the user profile service.I don't want to get into every detail, but I will present the big picture. The first time you connect to Share Point, a new entry is created inside Share Point, in a special list called User Information List. For example, creating a document in Share Point means that you are the author, and it refers to your Share Point user.If you decide to migrate your files, items and folders from one Share Point version to a more recent one, the new User Information List will be empty since nobody has connected the site yet.You have the ability to change everything from their first name to adding a photo to their profile.In another case, what if the users email has changed; you can also change this as the Administrator.

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