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Whether you're shopping for yourself or a friend, wine club memberships provide numerous benefits for a number of reasons.They offer the opportunity to try a variety of wines from across the globe, try wines not available in most stores, and learn about wineries and specific wine nuances.We might imagine what women around us look like naked and a strip club is an opportunity to live the dream."To Colin's credit he admits not all men are regulars at the Bada Bing's free daily buffet.In fact, he says "more are kind of weirded out by them than you might think" and all men (deep down) know it isn't real. As women, we sometimes forget men don't get cat calls and sexual offers just by leaving the house.He was the very first bishop in the British Kingdom of Strathclyde, dating back to the 7th century. It’s estimated that building began in the late 12th century with the aim of creating a seat for the Bishop of Glasgow.The building you see before you today, however, had most of its work done in following two centuries.If you're looking for delicious, highly-rated wines, Cellars Wine Club is our top choice.

Another reason to enjoy a wine club is the element of surprise.The patron saint of Glasgow, Saint Mungo, is said to be buried here - at least, that's what folklore tells us. [Read More...]Getting to Glasgow Cathedral is relatively easy - it's located right off Castle Street, at the eastern section of Cathedral Street.He was the very first bishop in the British Kingdom of Strathclyde, dating back to the 7th century. We've included a handy Google Map that should help should you get lost. It's time to unleash your inner historian and do some proper exploring in Glasgow.Perhaps even shelling out a wrinkled or two for a lap dance (or four). On the flipside, a lubed-up, g-string dressed man asking a group of ladies to part with any of their cash so he can shake his butt in their face is an excellent way to earn a laugh. Ladies get strippers for a party and we get a good giggle.Men get strippers for a party and pray they don't finish in their pants.

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