Skinhead dating service

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"Greetings, my young friends of extremism," Martsinkevich begins his videos, in which he lures gay men to apartments on dates and then abuses them.

Among his favored routines is forcing victims to kneel before him naked as he shaves off their hair and paints a rainbow flag on their scalps.

He slowly tore the condom pouch open, hesitated a while and started to grease his dick...

I started to become nervous and thought of calling it off, but how could I?

I figured it came from my fathers Italian side of the family...

Maksim Martsinkevich, known as "Tesak" or "flick knife" by his comrades, does his best to look respectable with hip, frameless glasses on his profile on the Russian social network

Am I going to be one of these washed up single moms with three kids that nobody wants to have anything to do with?

I like the lioness that desires the intimate company of a lion.' Biopic: Delaine (center) pictured with the actresses who star in the Lifetime movie of her book, The Secret Sex Life of a Single Mom.

The rainbow flag is the symbol of the international gay rights movement.

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