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The rate of cholera infections in Tokar in Sudan’s Red Sea state increased significantly on Monday.

Journalist Osman Hashim reported to Radio Dabanga that Tokar Hospital recorded 32 new cases, mostly from the peripheral bordering areas, while a number of cases were reported from the villages south of Tokar.

Then, a few months later as I was in my last year of University, I got to think about what I really wanted to do, and realized that photography took the biggest part of my heart.

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Her two on-going bodies of work, (which are on display below) contain stirring imagery that speak of the violence, and the religious and cultural dissonance that permeates this young country and its people.

Peta Pixel: First Camille, when did you become interested in photography, and what most inspired you about it?

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Looking west you will be able to enjoy fabulous sunsets in the evenings.

(Somaliland’s) recognition be undeniably hard to attain” and the (...) Making sense out of South Sudan unprecedented politics By Lako Jada Kwajok Before the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, the world was bipolar regarding political alliances.

America was the leading superpower of the Western bloc of nations while (...) Understanding the natural law By Antonio de Pedro Marquina Natural law is expression of love God has for his creatures, for every single one.

During the summer you will see deer on the shoreline, eagles and osprey flying overhead, otters playing in the bay and loons floating on the water.

Check back often as you never know what else you might see.

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