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You’re already advanced enough to approach women, get them interested in you and even to get their phone numbers…

This is one of the most frustrating experiences, because while you have the numbers of twenty beautiful girls in your phone, you might as well have .

Girls Around Me is a standard geolocation based maps app, similar to any other app that attempts to alert you to things of interest in your immediate vicinity: whether it be parties, clubs, deals, or what have you. Click on that, and you can see pictures of all the girls who are at that location at any given time. The settings determining how visible your Facebook and Foursquare data is are complicated, and tend to be meaningless to people who don’t really understand issues about privacy,” I explained.

When you load it up, the first thing Girls Around Me does is figure out where you are and load up a Google Map centered around your location. The pictures you are seeing are their social network profile pictures.” “Okay, so they that their data can be used like this for anyone to see? “Most privacy settings on social networks default to share everything with everyone, and since most people never change those…

NEW YORK -- On a Sunday morning in late May, Taylor left her Harlem apartment and boarded a train for Greenwich, Conn.

She planned on spending the day with a man she had met online, but not in person.

But it does, at a glance, sum up what Girls Around Me is all about: a radar overlaid on top of a Google Map, out of which throbs numerous holographic women posing like pole dancers in a perpetual state of undress. She works at a coffee shop, and I’m pretty sure she doesn’t moonlight picking up tricks.” “How does it know where these girls are? Is it plucking data from your address book or something? Girls Around Me then shows you a map where all the girls in your area trackable by Foursquare area.

“Okay, so here’s the way the app works,” I explained to my friends. If there’s more than one girl at a location, you see the number of girls there in a red bubble.

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The sitcom, canceled last week after six seasons, will be remembered — more than anything else — for its sheer quantity of raunchy jokes.Glamour once ran an article titled “So Exactly How Many Sex Jokes Are There in an Episode of ‘2 Broke Girls?’ ” (There were 42.) So now that the comedy was officially scrapped by CBS, which unveiled its new fall schedule on Wednesday, we offer a farewell to the filthiest show on network television — which sparked quite a few FCC complaints — with a Q&A that will clear up any questions for confused viewers. A guide to what’s renewed and what’s in jeopardy.] Q: Was the show based in some sort of sex-crazed setting? In the opening scene of the pilot, a diner customer asks Max where his waitress went. The episode also has a joke that the waitress’s uniform has a stain that’s clam chowder, or it be something else. ) But no, the show is set in a regular diner, even though the off-screen waitress is a prostitute.He changed into his swimming trunks, she put on a skimpy bathing suit, and then, by the side of his pool, she rubbed sunscreen into the folds of his sagging back -- bracing herself to endure an afternoon of sex with someone she suspected was actually about 30 years her senior.Taylor doubted that her client could relate to someone who had grown up black and poor in the South Bronx. A month prior, faced with about ,000 in unpaid tuition and overdue bills, Taylor and her roommate typed "tuition," "debt," and "money for school" into Google. Intrigued by the promise of what the site billed as a "college tuition sugar daddy," Taylor created a "sugar baby" profile and eventually connected with the man from Greenwich.

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