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In AD 395, the Roman empire finally split permanently between Eastern and Western empires, acknowledging what had existed in practise for many years.

As the Western Empire declined in the face of barbarian incursions and settlement, the Eastern Empire survived and, in some periods, actually thrived.

It is located between 36°-42° north latitude and 26°-40° east longitude.

The extreme length is about 720 miles and the extreme breadth about 420, though the average is 650 and 300 miles respectively.

mokratía; tingnan din Talaan ng mga tradisyunal na mga Griyegong lugar), ay isang bansa sa katimugang Europa sa dulo ng Balkans.

Ang Gresya ay matatagpuan sa pagitan ng Europa, Asia, at Aprika.

The citizens of the Eastern Empire thought of themselves as the true survivors and descendants of Rome, and called themselves Romans until at least the end of the first millennium.

The accession of Honorius and Arcadius was marked by a basic change in the role of the emperor.

The name Palaiologos is first noted in the primary sources in the late 11th century, but the information available is insufficiently detailed for an accurate family reconstruction before the early 13th century.

The family was well-connected, as two of the earliest known family members married into the Dukas and Komnenos families, both these names being adopted by later descendants in memory of this illustrious ancestry.

The early members of the Palaiologos family are set out in Chapter 1. The Palaiologos dynasty rose to imperial power in the empire at Nikaia where Mikhael Palaiologos engineered his own coronation as co-emperor in 1259 after the accession of Emperor Ioannes IV Batatzes.

Sa ngayon, ang Gresya ay isang makabagong bansa, miyembro ng Unyong Europeo mula noong 1981.

Ang kabisera ay Atenas, at ang ibang mga pangunahing lungsod ay Tesalonika, Patras, Heraklion, Bolos, at Larisa.

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