Twins that hugh hefner is dating

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"I want to be him," says Vince Neil, the Mötley Crüe singer who's "eternally engaged" to a Playmate.To others, he's a visionary workaholic and a lucky womanizer.Karissa - who has moved in with actor Sam Jones III, who she has been dating for four months - explained: "After a couple of weeks, Hef was getting a little bit upset about the boyfriends, so he wanted us to move out.We need to update people about what's going on."We were not allowed to have boys in the house.News she isn't sure whether she will attend the wedding or not.

Maybe Hugh Hefner needs to slow down a little when it comes to picking a new girlfirend - or two.And to some, he's just an old man still chasing tail.In the forty-five years since he started and made his mark on modern history with the simple suggestion that nice girls have sex, too, Hef has become an artwork of his own creation — a living playboy, an icon as durable as the bunny logo itself.That was the absolute number one rule - no boys allowed.That was one of the main reasons we moved out."But living there and being seen out with other guys, Hugh was tripping."While Karissa is settled in her love life, Kristina recently split from her 'Somewhere' co-star Stephen Dorff because they didn't want a long distance romance. We weren't fighting or anything."Hugh recently insisted he thought it would be a "good idea" for the 20-year-old twins to move out of the Playboy Mansion.

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